Meet the Team


ALOHA! I'm Amber :D

I believe documenting life is important to remember and pass down through generations. You never want to forget your BIG moments in life—your births, weddings, special family moments capturing your kiddos the way they are NOW—and with my camera and storytelling skills I make sure you won't. 

I am an artist at heart, a chef, computer nerd, and am usually smiling. Originally I'm from Nebraska, but when I met the love of my life, Brian, all bets were off and we were married in September 2016. He is amazing. Because he is in the Air Force, I left the land of corn and moved to beautiful Hawaii and we have made our first home together here. We have two super fun and very active dogs, Bruce and Ginger. I love hiking and being outdoors, and also am an avid ultimate frisbee player. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.


My sweet husband helps me as a second shooter and helper during weddings and larger family sessions. He fell into the photography gig when we were dating and I needed extra muscle to help me carry equipment at a wedding! I handed him a camera while he was waiting around and now he loves taking photos! In fact, when we go hiking or exploring, he's always the one with the camera in hand.

Now, Brian sometimes second shoots for me and helps me with the logistics at weddings. He also gives me a hand with equipment and things like that during family sessions, or anytime I need help using a reflector—he's my go to!

Brian is from New York, but the Air Force has taken him all over. He is passionate about the weather (he's a meteorologist), loves to be outside (no matter the weather) and especially loves hiking and paddle boarding. When we aren't working, you can usually find the two of us out adventuring somewhere!


Meet my friend Noelle! We met through a military spouses photography group here on island, and quickly became friends and business partners. Noelle is the amazing filmmaker (videographer) at Sweet Rain Media and she is so passionate about capturing stories for families and couples, she thrives on capturing the love between people, and does it so well. 

Noelle and I have recently partnered together in our birth photography endeavors. We have created a collective together, a separate website devoted to all things birth. It's called the Hawaii Birth Collective. She is also my first choice as a birth backup photographer and videographer, so you may be meeting her! 

Want to learn more about Hawaii Birth Collective? Check out our website: coming soon

Want to learn more about Noelle? Check out her website:



Amber DeCicco is an Oahu, Hawaii based photographer specializing in birth photography, lifestyle family photography and wedding photography. Contact her now to request a consultation!