Project 52—Week #1 | Why


Weekly Photo Blog

I decided to start a P52 (project 52)—where I take a photo (or video) a day, and then post a compilation weekly.

When I was in college, we were required to have a sketchbook and sketch in it daily. I found sketching daily to be monotonous (albeit a welcomed excuse from doing homework), however I did notice it amped up my creativity and forced me to look at the world around me. It got my imagination going, and required me to look at things in a new way. I need inspiration! AND practice makes perfect, and that is why I am doing a P52 (only with my camera rather then pencil and paper) :)

I am also doing this because my first year of marriage is almost over! And it is going by wayyyy to fast. I don't want to forget a thing. My husband and I are currently stationed on the beautiful island of Oahu, and we are constantly doing new and memorable things, and I find that I only pull my DSLR's out when I am photographing a client for birth photography or wedding photography. I want that to change, because I want beautiful photographs of my life too :) My iPhone is great, but sometimes it just doesn't cut it.

Our family and friends are also so far away! This will be a way they can see what our lives look like every day, not just the mountain top views when we decide to take a million a photos at the ends of our hikes.

I will be using my beloved D200 primarily. It normally is my backup camera. While usually hidden in the recesses of my camera bag, it has now been emancipated! I'll be shooting in jpeg (not my regular RAW format) because I want to be very specific with my exposure settings for practice in getting the image perfect in camera, rather than in post-processing later. I do also plan on filming some mini videos using my D610?

My plan is to take a photo a day. Every Friday I'll post 7 images to the blog that survey our previous week! This first post is actually just a compilation of the last two days, because I just decided to start :) 

I am also a part of a super awesome blog circle! We are all professional photographers, and their work is amazing! Check out what Sharleen's week looked like!


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