Project 52—Week #5 | Our Dogs


Listen, the last couple of months have been sooooo busy! Brian and I do go on fun adventures, but in reality, about 80% of my days actually look like this:

Me, hard at work, staring at a computer screen for the majority of my day. Brian, also away at work. Ginger and Bruce (our dogs)? Bored out of their minds. Until a stranger walks by the fence, then all hell breaks loose--they barkers 😁

We try to take them for walks as much as possible. Here are some photos from a recent walk. It's usually a stressful experience for me because they are so strong, but we've been taking them through doggy training and they are doing SO WELL! I have really grown attached to them over the last 8 months, I love them so much!! They are hunting dogs, so they always have their noses to the ground and like to chase any moving thing. 

As always check out Sharleen's photos this week!

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