Wedding Photographs | Samantha & Carson

First of all I want to say HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY to this amazing couple! You two are so perfect for each other. Here's to MANY more to years together! :) 

Samantha & Carson were married on July 5, 2014 at James Arthur Vineyard in Nebraska. It was such a perfect, midwestern day! The beautiful outdoor ceremony was special and intimate followed by a reception at Windsor Stables in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Of all the weddings I've photographed, this was one of my favorites. I love all of the photos! I think without knowing Samantha & Carson you can see by looking at these how easy-going they are, and also how sweet their love for one another is. The bright pops of color in all of the details are so fun and perfect for their personalities. It just makes me smile! Haha, I remember before the wedding, I had asked Samantha what her wedding colors were and her response was "all of them"—haha. Love that. Such an art person answer ;) Samantha and I are both creatives, we went to college together—she was a studio artist back then with an interest in videography. She later filmed our wedding and engagement videos for us and did a phenomenal job! We will cherish those videos forever! 

Enjoy looking at these photos—as always, be sure to click to make the images larger. You can click through them when they are large on your screen :) Which picture is your favorite and why?