Project 52—Week #2 | Independence Day 2016



Project 52 has been so fun so far! It's forced me to bring my camera with me (which actually has felt pretty normal because I'm already on call for photographing a birth story so I usually have it with me anyway!) but it's also been forcing me out of the box I've been in for awhile and has required me to think outside the lines in order to capture what my days look like in a creative way.

Independence Day was so much fun! It was our first 4th of July as a married couple. We live on the North Shore, and on holidays it's pretty much a given that traffic will be terrible. BUT we couldn't resist our urge for shrimp. Lol. So we pulled out the bikes and rode into town. We made the right decision because traffic was so bad we were passing all of the vehicles! We usually eat at Giovanni's, but I was craving something sweet so we tried the shrimp shack two down from Gio's and got the Pineapple coconut shrimp through a recommendation of a friend. It was SO GOOD! We just had fun eating and chilling and taking photos of chickens. #northshorelivin ;)

I was experimenting with multiple exposures in my camera. Most of my attempts failed, but I thought this was pretty cool. 

I was experimenting with multiple exposures in my camera. Most of my attempts failed, but I thought this was pretty cool. 

After that we went snorkeling in the big big ocean. We used this little hand held Nikon coolpix pro that Brian bought forever ago. It works surprisingly well, and has also come in handy during our Hawaiian stay! The water was pretty murky water where we went, which made it extra exciting when big creatures would appear out of nowhere and scare the bejeezees out of us! It was such a nice day for swimming though, just picturesque. 

THEN for the big event we caught the bus to go over to Turtle Bay resort. In case you didn't know, food trucks are a thing here in Hawaii, and one of the big food truck events is called Eat the Street. I believe they set up once per month in Honolulu—it's essentially just a group of amazing food vendors and everyone shows up to eat. Think County Fair or something along those lines only with Hawaiian and Asian inspired vendors. They were at Turtle Bay on 4th of July! We bought open-face Masubi's and Indian food, and enjoyed every single bite. The fireworks started just after 8, and lasted exactly 9 minutes. Hahaha. Shortest fireworks show I've ever been to in my life. 

We took the bus back home and met some really wonderful people. Traffic was terrible so our usual 27 minute drive turned into an hour, but the company was so good the time just flew by. 

I had this idea of compositing fireworks images onto a silhouette of a person. This was a quick attempt, but I think it was pretty successful. I'll be playing more with this idea in the future for sure! My sweet husband and I experimented photographing silhouette's of each other after we got home. This is a little rough and I may revisit it, but here is my favorite :)


As it should, Independence Day usually gets me thinking about the history of our country and how far we've come as a nation. When I take a good look at all the freedoms we enjoy, and then I think about the freedoms other countries do not, it makes me so proud to be an American. My hope and prayer is that everyone can experience what freedom tastes like and that it can become a bigger reality across our world.

The blog circle I'm a part of is so amazing! It's so great to have accountability and to be a part of such a talented group of professional photographers on the island. Be sure to check out Sharleen's post (of Sharleen Mey Photography) this week!

Also, my sweet husband loves to hike and be adventurous and decided because I'm doing a Project 52 he's going to try to start a blog about our hikes and adventures together. Check out his first post here (he wants you to know he isn't quite finished fine-tuning it yet though :) ). FYI: He won't let me read what he's writing right now, so hopefully it's not embarrassing. Lol. 

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