Project 52—Week #13 | A WEDDING!

Hey there everyone!

I recently got back from a super super sweet trip to the mainland.

During the first leg of our trip, my husband re-arranged our flights without me knowing so we could stop in Colorado to see family and to go to a Coldplay concert for our Anniversary!!! Ahhhh-mazing!!!!!!! (it was a complete and total surprise for me—my husband is the best!)

Next we were onto Minnesota to see my BEST FRIEND GET MARRIED! We were able to get there a few days before the wedding to help out and spend time with them—it was so wonderful being able to hang out and just be there before the big day. Rachel and I have been close friends since college, and even though miles have separated us for the last 6 years we can always pick up right where we left off. Rach, I love you so much! 

I took lots of photos, but here are a few of my favorites. I put my camera down on the wedding day so I could be a bridesmaid :) Love you so much Rachel and Danny! <3 

I am a part of a photographers blog circle for my Project 52! As always, thanks for reading! Complete the circle by checking out what Sharleen has been up to this week :)

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