2018 Award Winning Photographs — Shoot & Share


2017 Shoot and Share Awards

Whoo hoo!  Had to share this exciting news with ya'll. I entered the Shoot and Share contest this year, and 10 of my images were voted into the best 10%, 20% + 30% of the (412,379) images! 

Some fun facts about the contest:

  •  412, 379 photos entered
  • Over 124,000 voters, from 130 different countries!
  • 286,000 HOURS of cumulative time of voters casting votes.
  • Over 75 MILLION votes during the month of February.
  • 12 rounds—each new round eliminating the least popular images until only the very best photos remained.

While it's pretty cool for me to be in a contest like this, my favorite part is getting to see how much I've grown, and also to show my clients in the images their award winning photo!! 

It's also really neat to see what other people consider my best work to be. 

(Wanna see how I did in 2016? Here's the blog post from last year!)

Check out Shoot and Share to see all the other awarded images.

And if you really wanna go down a bunny trail, click through the images to be taken to the blog post for each of these posts to learn more about them. There are a few that aren't quite ready, but will be soon!