Happy Veteran's Day! | P52 #20

Thank you to those who have served and those who are currently serving our nation! Happy Veteran's Day!

veteran's day.jpg

I just want to brag on my husband a little bit! I am unbelievably proud of my military man. Brian is a meteorologist in the Air Force. Currently, he works as a section leader, scientist and typhoon forecaster for the Joint Typhoon Warning Center on Pearl Harbor. People often think he forecasts the tranquil 80 degree weather on Hawaii, but he actually doesn’t do any forecasting for Hawaii at all. Together with his team they analyze and forecast for the 113 million square miles covering the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Their job is incredibly important. They work to keep DoD assets safe by keeping ships and planes out of harms way! Their forecasts also reach into other countries and help keep civilian lives safe by determining where the typhoons are headed and allowing appropriate evacuation time. He’s amazing! Thank you for all you do Brian! I love you!

*Special thanks to Andrea Bibeault for the banner photo and the black and white photo of Brian. Those images were taken on our wedding day! 

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