A Sweet Homecoming

I had the amazing opportunity of photographing this super sweet homecoming earlier this week. Daniel has been away from his family two times this year for the Navy.  So happy they are back together once again!

"Is my daddy here yet?"

Two sweet little girl voices kept repeating this question, as they twirled in their adorable matching outfits and the leis in their hands gently knocking together creating a charming wind chime effect. "Almost! He's almost here!" Followed by big big grins spread across their faces. Their excitement was so tangible. 

Baby just waited patiently as the girls cooed him, and Irma went calmly and lovingly from one thing to the next—getting the kids out of the vehicle, feeding baby, being asked to move the vehicle by security (*eye roll!*) and tending to the girls until finally the moment came where Daniel rounded the corner and they were joyfully reunited! 

Congrats, my heart is full for you!

Amber DeCicco is a photographer, specializing in birth photography and documentary family life photography, as well as films. I love hearing your stories and documenting traditions and momentous events that will live on in your memories. Take a look around my website and let me know if you have any questions!