Birth Film | Finn

The Birth Film of Finn

I have been so so excited to share this birth film (and then 5 days later footage) with you! Sarah and Ryan had a natural home water birth, and I was so honored to be able to record and photograph this day!

In Sarah's words:

 Finn David Ikaika Bruner, you have made us parents, an Ohana, a mom and a dad... and we have fallen so madly in love with you!!! 💙 We were blessed with an amazing all natural home water birth💦💦 It was a fast labor and such a magical experience to have him born in water and Ryan was able to bring him up to us in the birthing pool. He was born healthy, alert, and happy😀🙏! What a blessing and miracle baby Finn is!!

Stay tuned for the photographs and the story of this birth, they'll be coming soon.

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