I love hearing two lovers tell their story.

I'm sure you've experienced this. 

As soon as you ask them to tell their love story, the two will exchange glances and kinda smile and then launch into their story, totally alive and giggly and excited. And although they've told that story a gazillion times, and each person has their "cue" it's like a little play and I love it. It's my favorite icebreaker question because they totally relax and you get to see a real glimpse into their lives. 

HERE is a little glimpse into Mackenzie + Jesus' lives! Be sure to turn up the volume, and make this full screen. It's just better that way :)


Wasn't that adorable? 

In case you missed it, this IS my sister and my new BROTHER-IN-LAW <3 

It was so fun sneaking around to get that behind the scenes footage. Thankfully having my camera handy didn't tip Mackenzie off to her proposal! 

I, of course, had my camera handy for the wedding as well. I did set up my tripod and filmed the wedding for her (100 points to the person who can spot ME in the film!) but was also able to snag a few before and after videos for them to have a highlight of the day (in between all my bridesmaid/sister duties!). But, I love this happy couple, and wanted to share the highlight film with you.

Thinking of Proposing?

I guarantee your loved one will ADORE a proposal video and photographs to remember that day.

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