Project 52

Visiting the Big Island! | P52 #21


Hey all! Wow—I have hit the HALFWAY point in my Project 52! I am so glad I embarked on this journey, and while it is tough sometimes to make time for consistently photographing and blogging, I really feel like my photography has improved and it has given me a great creative outlet. It's also fun sharing all of my photos with YOU! <3 

Brian had a long-ish weekend over Veteran's Day, so we took a quick flight to the Big Island and spent 3 nights up at Kilauea Military Camp on the VOLCANO! We had the best time exploring the East side of the island.

We did lots of things, but the highlights are:

1. We got to walk across the lava fields to see the lava entering the ocean (this was amazing, and mostly we just saw steam but it was still really cool). We did take a tour—it's totalllllly doable by yourself, but we wanted to hear about the history of the place and learned quite a bit. For example, this lava field was once a thriving growing town, that was completely buried by the oncoming lava! I also was having a lot of fun photographing the textures that the lava made when it cooled. It would be helpful to have a tour guide if there was surface flow (there was unfortunately no surface flow the day we visited) because they would know where to go! 

(P.s. Just FYI, you can click on the images to bring them up larger on your screen :) 

2. We drove up Mauna Kea to see the sunset and the biiiiiig moon (2 days before the supermoon!). It was THE most beautiful sunset I've ever seen in my life—and the photos do not do it justice. This was my favorite part of the trip.Next time we'll plan a big island trip during a new moon so we can see the Milky Way! It was also cold up there, a nice change—we brought along gloves and hats and sweaters!

I also was having fun taking photos of the vegetation. I just love the compositions!

3. Some of the other things we did were hike across a crater, go to a black sand beach, drive to the southernmost point of the United States, we visited the Thurston Lava tube and also saw the glow of the lava on the clouds above Mt. Kilauea. Through a telescope, we were able to see spitting magma! It was so cool! It was amazing just how DIFFERENT the Big Island is from Oahu. 

We are so thankful for Brian's job, that we are able to live here on Oahu for a little while and enjoy all of God's beautiful creations. Hope you are having a fabulous Fall, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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