We believe documenting life is important.

Hello! My name is Amber and I am the photographer at Amber DeCicco Photography. My husband, Brian, is my second shooter and helper at weddings. 

Below are three of my favorite pictures. When I look at them I feel history, and I realize the magnanimity of what I do. For instance, to look at my grandma's face on her wedding day grounds me. It brings me joy and sadness at her passing, but a love and deep knowing that she was mine, I was hers, and this was the beginning of her love story. That second picture is a picture of my parents taken on our family farm from when they were dating. I am pretty sure this was taken right before my mom drove the motorcycle into a tree!! The third photo a photo I will forever cherish of me and my husband on OUR wedding day (copyright Andrea Bibeault 2016).

I capture moments for people; the laughter, joy, tears and moments that make you feel something deeper. On wedding days, I get to capture what that day looked like. Every wedding I attend I just think, "wow, I am the one documenting this amazing day for this couple...", a rather profound experience that I hold confidently, yet carefully. Brian & I photograph combining photo-journalism, classic portraiture, documentary and candid styles throughout the day. The weather, the flowers. The raw emotions, the love in your eyes, the relationships you have with your family and friends. We do this so you can look at your photos and remember the day, but my desire is that you can look at them and know that life is good, and look toward the future. Not just for the one person or the couple, but for generations later to look at and know what they see is life, history, and a sense of hope for the future.


Me in California

AMBER. I've been photographing wedding stories for 6 years, and have been learning the profession for about 10. My parents are photographers, and as a kid I was always along for the ride, helping them with weddings, families, children sessions, hauling equipment, painting sets, even chasing bunnies and rabbits for seasonal pictures. I was an apprentice, in a world where that isn't so common any more. I remember practicing on my moms first film camera, and then again on my parents' first digital (a camera that took about 12 pictures before the batteries needed to be recharged. Not to mention the card held about 256 KB. How's that for image quality!) 

I am an artist at heart, a chef, computer nerd, and am usually smiling. I have a graphic design degree, and don't give up easily. I love hiking and being outdoors, also am an avid ultimate frisbee player. A philosophy I truly believe is that life is good and people are also intrinsically good. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, and am constantly surprised at our desires to have relationships and be connected to others.

My sweet husband's bio is coming soon :)