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As a wife, I think back to my wedding all the time. And while I haven't been married all that long, I already love looking at the photos hanging on my wall, and flipping through the pages of our album. Seeing photos of Brian making me breakfast the morning of the wedding, and photos of my parents crying in the receiving line just bring me so much joy. It was such a special day from beginning to end—afterall it was the day I chose to marry my best friend! It marks the first day of the rest of our lives. 

My role of a photographer at at wedding is the role of a storyteller. I take a photo-journalistic or documentary approach toward photographing wedding days, capturing photos of real life events so that when you remember your wedding day, you'll have photos to complement your cherished memories. My candid approach seeks to embrace each heartfelt smile, every joy filled tear, and the spark you and your loved one share in an artistic and creative way. I also provide mini-sessions throughout the day for an individual couple session and for group photos, if requested.

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How it Works

  1. Contact me! I'll send you over a questionnaire to fill out and we’ll meet for an in-person consultation. Think of it like an informal coffee or acai bowl or (fill-in-the-blank) date to get to know one another and ask any questions, just see if I make a good fit for your wedding vendor team :)
  2. Get Married! I'll be there! After you sign the contract and your wedding date is on the books, I'll be counting down the days for your wedding, and silently cheering you both on from behind my camera. 
  3. See your photos! Each image will be hand-edited with care and will be delivered approximately 3 weeks later. 

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Whether you need just a few hours of coverage or an all day wedding, I have many different packages available to fit your needs.



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