What do you want to remember 5 years from now?


It's the Little Things that Make your home HOME
//// PHotograph the things you'll miss. 

"5 years from now what do you want to look back on and remember?" This is a question I've started asking myself regarding our pending move to Seoul. I've been documenting little seemingly mundane moments that have sunk into my soul.

I love photos that have stories behind them. Keep scrolling for a few different examples, both from my life and home, and from friends and clients as well. They pack more of an emotional punch for me than a posed portrait ever will.



This is a very average scene in our lives. Brian giving Ginger a bath in our outdoor shower. She always crawls under the wall when she's nice and clean and let's me dry her off before she shakes off all the excess like crazy. It makes me laugh every time.

I took this photo because I just never wanna forget this place. Or the shower head Brian bought us for our anniversary so it's not so dark at night (it lights up), or the pea green towels that I bought because I had never really bought towels before and wanted a matching set for our new lives together, or the patio chairs that we bought our first year here and we wanted to throw a party but wanted to make sure people had a place to sit. Even the branch on the ground, because Brian is constantly trimming trees but never throwing away the branches #drivesmenuts. All things I see in this photo, all things I will miss.



You know those local joints that you find yourself becoming a regular? That's this place for us. What am I going to do when I can't order pulled pork north thai style taco bowls!? I like how this photo shows us in our regular spot. Tripod for the win! And also—I just love Brian's face :) 



Our Little Secret

There was so much chaos in the room happening here. All the aunties were busying themselves with decorating Christmas cookies, and we were on a time crunch.

Haizel was in her own little world. She kept asking Lindsay for Ritz crackers, and then promptly giving them to Roxy the dog, completely un-noticed by anyone else in the room (but me—forever an observer). I got to be a part of this little secret.

To me, this photo tells that story. But it also tells a story about people in the military coming together to form a family, and it also tells a story about familiarity and how some traditions just always feel right, warm and fuzzy. Thousands of miles from home, and I felt like I was right in the thick of holiday traditions and the joyful family gatherings.



Our Daily Walk

During this in-home maternity session, we just focused the session around what a normal day feels like. So Emily kept asking the kids what they wanted to do next, and they said they wanted to go to the park, so that's exactly what we did. 

When I see this picture I think about my mom, and my childhood, and how beautiful the act of mothering is. Looking at this photo makes me so grateful for the beauty of motherhood, sticky fingers and all.

Here's a moment in time where three children and an onlooking mother are photographed during the lazy days of summer, with a slow quiet anticipation. Seeing this photo makes me think about how much life is about to change for each and every person pictured here. 


Grandma Hannah

To me, this photo is special because of the history it tells and the change that has happened since this was taken.

This is my best friend Rachel, in her home 3 days before her wedding day. These family quilts were proudly displayed in Rachel's home, and the one on top was made by Rachel's Grandma Hannah.

I liked the idea of making this photo of Rachel, getting ready for her bachelorette party, carrying a cup of coffee in her home, with her Grandma's quilt handily nearby—a warm blanket lovingly made to wrap her up and be near, to cheer her on symbolically as she prepared for her wedding day. 

Fast forward a year. Rachel + Danny have moved out of this apartment and bought their first home together. These quilts proudly displayed, I'm sure, but what I love most is that amidst all of this change their baby girl was named Hannah after her Great Great Grandma.



don't forget to photograph your every day!

I just wanna encourage you for a minute to hire me for this type of session. What is holding you back? Let me ask you this, when you look back at your childhood photos, do you see the flaws, or do you see the spirit of the person in the picture and the story it represents? 

Are you in the photos along with your kids, or are you the always absent from the photos, behind the camera mother? 

I get it. We are our own worst critics. I’ve heard it all from clients who wish their home was remodeled, who are waiting to schedule a photo session until after they drop a few pounds, or who simply look at their world and think, “I don’t know what you’d photograph here. Our lives are boring, our home is a mess, my kids fight and play electronics half the time, and it's not beautiful.”

Listen, we’re never promised tomorrow, and I guarantee your family doesn’t see the flaws the way you’re picturing them in your photos. They'll want to see physical representations of their memories. Photos with YOU in them, and they'll relish in seeing the details of the houses they grew up in and the places they lived. 

Life Changes

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