In-Home Newborn Session » What to Expect

In-Home Newborn Session  »  What to Expect

There is something so special about those first few weeks with your new baby. Real and in your beautiful-as-it-is household. Memories of this time-frame often becomes fuzzy for new parents, which is exactly why I feel these types of photo shoots are so important. 

There may be some posing, but my intention is to capture natural images of your baby in their home surrounded by family. This session is very different than the very posed, stylized type newborn sessions that you may be familiar with. While those types of sessions can be so adorable, those are not the types of images you'll receive through hiring me. My newborn sessions go with the flow to photograph the baby in their natural environment.

This session is ALL about the interaction and documentation of your family just as they are.

For example, I adore seeing photos of the old house I grew up in, with my mom holding me in the nursery, or napping in the living room with the big picture window—my 1.5yr old brother playing with toys and bits of folded laundry floating around on the couches waiting to be put away.

I like to look back and see my nursery and tangibly seeing the time and care my mom put into making it perfect. These are the kinds of photos I want to capture for you.

As your photographer, my goal is to help YOU document your lives. We'll chat together before your session about what your days are like with a newborn, and together we'll craft a session that perfectly describes you and your family, creating a time capsule of sorts; displaying exactly where your family is at this particular stage in your lives. 

These types of photographs are particularly raw and moving because they truly are a reflection of your life. 

In other words, this is not a one-size-fits all. 

We are going to capture those ordinary, everyday moments together, and make them into absolutely extraordinary and meaningful keepsakes. 

What to Expect

When and Where
Lifestyle newborn sessions typically take place within the first 6 weeks of birth and take approximately 2 hours. Why so long? New babies often need to take breaks for naps, to be changed and to be fed. I come into a newborn session knowing it will take time for baby to settle down, and it also gives me the opportunity to photograph those little in-between-time moments.

Choose something that is meaningful. We can photograph your baby in his/her birthday suit, diapers or a particularly meaningful outfit. Depending on how baby is doing we can also try a second outfit. Keep in mind I do not bring along nor provide any props, because my goal is to have your personalities and style shine through. That being said, if you have any sweet swaddles or special blankets, etc. that you would like incorporated somehow into the photoshoot be sure to have those handy. What about you and your family? My advise is to keep it simple, but true to you. 

Don't stress out, newborn sessions are incredibly relaxed. We'll take the babies cue, and we'll go with the flow. No need to worry, and remember babies can pick up on stressful situations so try to remain as calm as possible. My advice is for you to keep a flexible schedule the day of the photoshoot so we aren't on a timeframe—I'll stay til I have the shots that I'm looking for. Sometimes the best photos are the ones when the baby doesn't do what we want them to do :)

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