An in-home Storytelling session and family film!

This year, I have been so thankful for all of the families who have trusted me to take their photos that I wanted to give back during the Christmas season!

You may remember, I ran a free documentary holiday session giveaway in November, and now I am happy to show you the final result!

I love documentary sessions so much. There is no pressure to be perfect or nervous, I just get to photograph people doing the things they do and being who they are. 

I had the best time photographing Honour's family! For their session I came over to photograph and film them getting ready for the day, and after they were going to go see SANTA. When I showed up, Honour immediately brewed me a cup of amazing coffee, Coraline was dancing and running all around the house—she was really excited to see Santa. And Ron was playing with Jacob who was just cooing away. It was super fun and full of laughs. And as I look through these, I remember a photo of me that my mom took of me when I was a little girl putting on her lipstick (all over my face) and put on her robe and heels and how much FUN it was, and how that is a memory I will always remember. I love documenting those kinds of memories for people. Honour, I am so glad I got to document some memories for your family! <3 

Take a look at their beautiful film. Be sure to turn your volume up and make it full screen! It's so much better that way!

And of course their photos! Here is a selection of their images that I think tell the story of the day well. There are many others, but these are some of my favorites.