Madeleine | in-home newborn session

2 weeks old

many more to go

What a perfect, beautiful baby girl. I just saw this sweetie a few days ago (at a super fun girls night out!) and was so awed by how BIG she is getting! Time is funny like that. It goes by so slowly, but then you look back and see how much has changed. Madeleine is a few weeks old in these photos, but before we know it she'll be sixteen, and we'll all be that much older wiser ;). 

In the meantime though, she's getting all the cuddles, adoration and love her momma and poppa can give to her and that is a sweet sweet thing. And it's documented. Forever "paused" to re-live what those newborn days felt like 20 years from now.

Also:  this song was totally my jam while editing this session. I may've played it on repeat a few dozen times? You've gotta give it a listen!

Here are few of my favorite moments from this collection:

  • First off, that family photo just below <3
  • Mom cooing Madeleine in the video above!
  • Dad swaddling Madeleine. He's really good at it.
  • Bottle making because #momlife
  • That first black and white mother daughter picture is my absolute FAVORITE. There's just something about the composition. I love how Madeleine is perfectly centered in the backyard light and your eye is drawn into that moment. 
  • Dad zonking out on the couch. I snapped that photo at the very end of the session. Nothing says love like "I just got home from a grueling night shift and am staying up for this photo session (because it's important)". I remember those days when my hubby was on night shift completely groggy and needing sleep—and that was without a baby. So, major kudos, I know that's not easy. 

I work with families who recognize that time passes quickly and who want to bottle up what those first days feel like. Because you can only be new parents once. And your baby is as young as they're ever gonna be. 

If you wanna bottle it all up, contact me (<--click if you're ready) to get on my schedule. 

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