Happy Birthday Big Guy! | Declan

Jennifer was one of the first people who befriended me on the island. She is one of the most bubbly, friendly, well traveled and well spoken person I know, and whenever we hang out I feel like the time just flies we laugh so much!! She is also insanely good at telling stories, and one night she told me about the birth of their son Declan. She had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! Declan was born very premature and could fit into the palms of their hands the night he was born! It is scary story with a happy — not ending — but beginning, if you will, of this sweet, playful little boy! This is a story that I want to tell, from beginning to end, and I can't wait to share the full story with you.

In the meantime, he is turning THREE this weekend, and while this footage was filmed when he was 2.5, I just wanted to share a snippet of our film session (before the full film is ready), to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY! Here's to your best year yet! <3 

I loved putting this video together. It is so fun for me to edit down my footage. I love searching through longer pieces to pull out the golden snippets. Some of my favorite moments are seeing his funny little toddler run, his infectious laugh, the scene with Declan on his momma's back and his little dance at the end with Grandma singing the song. 

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