Merry Christmas and Don't Forget to Document Your Days!

Just wanted to pop in here and say: if you celebrate Christmas—Merry Christmas!!!!! <3 Happy Hanukka! Happy New Year! Happy Everything!

Christmas this year was very strange for me. We didn't fly home this year and I was feeling sad about being so far away from my parents and siblings, and we were too tired to cook, so we ate some leftover salmon, sharing the same plate and spoon (because all the forks were dirty—haha). 

And then I realized I WAS with MY family, and was thankful and not quite as sad anymore.

I like how the bottom photo has a little piece of each of us, Brian's hand on the right, my dress on the bottom left and Ginger just peeking out her nose from under the table hoping for some dropped morsels.

I know life will look drastically different in 5 years than what is captured in these photos. We'll no longer be living in our first home together, probably have some rugrats running around and Ginger may no longer be with us. I just wanted to take a sec to encourage you to make sure you are documenting your days! Take pictures of things that mean something to you so you can remember them in the future. 


Your story is beautiful.

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