Spring Quarter Goals 2018


Goals Keep Me Accountable.

Here are a few goals I want to accomplish by may.
Plus, a few of RECENT TRIUMPHS:

  • Watch my sis get MARRIED!

  • Half-Marathon!

  • Join a Rock Climbing Gym!

  • Work out like it's my job ;)
  • Soak up all the sunshine and enjoy the last months here as much as I can.
  • Do one fun thing per day
  • Take photos of all of our local spots and memories we'll want to remember when we're off galavanting across Asia.
  • Get serious about organizing all my personal pictures to I can make a big album of our HAWAII newlywed time. 

  • Provide an excellent customer experience for my clients throughout the summer

  • Finish Re-vamping my website

  • Develop more helpful blog content for families looking for a storytelling photographer
  • Continue Developing my Photography Workshop
  • Continue Planning for the Seoul, South Korea business move
  • Finish booking out my summer (2 sessions left!)

I had two HUGE triumphs this winter. 

1. As I mentioned above, I have been working through a marketing class that has been completely rocking my world.

It has helped me re-evaluate WHAT I do, and WHY, and along the way it has re-ignited my passion for preserving memories for people. I've got so much to share with you, so check back in a bit as I continue to develop my site and deliver quality content to you. I've also started a newsletter, all about being your OWN family historian and documenting the memories that are important to you in your own lifes on a normal, everyday basis. Curious? Join the newsletter.

2. A personal triumph: I competed in a triathlon.

This is not something I ever would've thought I would do because I've never considered myself a swimmer. I developed achilles tendonitis last fall, and picked up swimming as a "filler" until I was back up on my feet again. Little did I know, I would absolutely love to swim! I saw the advertisements for the Haleiwa Triathlon and just...signed up! Here I am about to cross the finish line. It was an incredible experience, I'm totally hooked and am already googling to find my next sprint tri in Seoul!


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