Project 52 | Week #18—A Walk through the Forest


In the spirit of documenting our lives, this week I wanted to share something we do as a family on the regular—taking the dogs for a walk. We have some really amazingly beautiful trails near our house, and we decided to try one we hadn't been on yet. I filmed part of it, and I will say it's rather challenging to stabilize for filming video while holding onto a 70lb dog, hah. This trail was stunning and we'll definitely be adding it to our "regular" list, although next time we'll turn around halfway, before the muddy sections. We were really enjoying the change of scenery, and the diverse ecosystems we were passing through. And it's fun watching our dogs being so curious and excited about new places! They were SO in the zone.

I had so much fun taking photos! I was just photographing things that I thought were beautiful or interesting. Here are a few of my favorite stills:

We were pretty tired when we got home. Everyone went to bed early:

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