A sweet in-home newborn session fit for for a Princess | Adaline

This session in particular is very special to me because Adaline's parents have been great friends to us here in Hawaii, and we are beyond thrilled for them through their journey into parenthood!

I absolutely love coming into people's homes to document the first days of a new born baby. Everything is so new and special, and watching the mothers (and in this case, grandmothers and fathers!) cooing over their baby, being entranced over every little movement and facial expression. It truly is just so sweet. And I—must say—don't you just love the pink and princess nursery decorations? Swoon worthy. I love the dark woods paired with the bright light, soft pink and gold accents for the nursery. And the tutu! Oh my heart <3 I just love how the mother styled this photoshoot. Watch the video above and take a look at the photos below to see what I mean!

To give you an idea of what it was like to be a "fly on the wall" at this session, as a photographer I did very little directing. I may've asked the mother to turn toward the window or adjust Adaline's bow, but for the most part I allowed the events to unfold organically, in order to capture real expressions and emotions. Newborn session tend to go very slowly because the baby has so many needs—Adaline needed to be changed and eat several times in the 1.5 hours that I was at their house, and those things cannot be rushed, so we all just went with the flow and I spend quite a bit of time just hanging out, chatting and observing!

If you are worried about having a fussy baby or what to do if your baby needs to be changed during a session, just let that go. I expect all of those things to happen during a newborn session and always plan plenty of time in my schedule in order for nobody to feel rushed. Trust me :) I know what I'm doing! 

take a look at Adaline's stunning maternity session!

It is such an honor for me when client's love my work so much that they come back . This family also hired me to photograph their maternity session! Click on the image above to see more images from their session!

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