Sadie Rose is 2 weeks old!

Sadie Rose is 2 weeks old!

Welcome to the world, Sadie Rose!

Being a part of this babies life was really special for me. Her parents, Evelyn + Austin, were a part of my bible study and I got to be a part of praying for Sadie Rose from the very beginning.

Sincerely, congratulations to you two! What a precious gift you have been given!

Sadie's journey has been well documented. Take a look at their maternity session at Ka'ena point, and also her Fresh 48 for those freshy new vibes. 

We scheduled Sadie Rose's newborn family session around the Grandparents' visit to the island. Evelyn let me know it was really important to her to have them involved in the photo shoot, so I focused primarily on documenting family members loving on Sadie. 

Short Films are my favorite way to document that newborn time. 

Why? Your baby will soon be growing like a weed, and looking back to see their baby face moving and wriggling and being loved on will bring you right back.

As a daughter, I'd LOVE to have a video of my parents totally oggling over me as an infant. To see them 20 years younger, and hear their voices would tell me how much I was loved from the beginning would probably bring me close to tears. These videos and photos aren't just for you and your family, they are for your little one also. What a beautiful gift to give them! 

Turn up the volume for this one! My favorite part:

Mom: "I tell her she's beautiful all the time."

Grandpa: "What's her name?"

Mom: "Beautiful" 

<3 How adorable!

Natural Newborn Family Photographs

Here are a few of my faves from Sadie's Family Newborn session. You can just see the love for Sadie oozing out of everybodies eyes and smiles. 

I loooooooove photographing babies in this natural way. 

I work with families who recognize that time passes quickly and who want to bottle up what those first days feel like. Because you can only be new parents once. And your baby is as young as they're ever gonna be. 

If you wanna bottle it all up, contact me (<--click if you're ready) to get on my schedule. 

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